©ZHdK Simone Habegger

©ZHdK Simone Habegger

Matthias Buenzli's empathic observations, which constantly oscillate between dream and reality, condense his pictorial language - without losing the humor for the situational and by putting the people in their surroundings in focus. The documentary is always central and of high priority. In his interpretation of the visual, he assumes semiotic contexts, in which any kind of pictorial expression is arrested. The pictures and visuality are translated into a „language“ and understood as a cultural narrative. He sees his photographs as a Chronicler‘s work, a cognitive process for situations, people and objects - embedded in their surroundings. A form of visual carto­graphy, without pretense of scientific values, but deeply elaborated. These parameters are threaded through his entire work in recent years, in his free-artistic projects, as well as in his assignments in the editorial field. 

Matthias Buenzli is a freelance photographer working for several national and international clients. He further teaches the deepening of visual communication at the Zurich University of Fine Arts (ZHdK). Matthias Buenzli is Owner and Creative Director of Mazal Fabrikant, a swiss based studio specialized in 3D Visualizations. He is as well a permanent member of vfg, Vereinigung fotografischer Gestalter.

Matthias Buenzli is oscillating between Zurich and Tel Aviv, his second living place.





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